New York, New York

I’m back!! I know, I know I haven’t written in awhile, but my life has been pretty busy lately. I made the smart decision to start a brand new job (my first big kid job, yay!) and start a grad school course all within the same week. And they both started the week after I passed my RD exam. Smart right?!?! But, I made it through! Got an A and love my new job, so I say it’s a win, win! Now lets get to the food…

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Picky Girl Goes Egyptian

Hello everyone, happy weekend! To kickoff this weekend the “fam squad” (that’s what we call ourselves) and I went to “Third in the Burg”. In Harrisburg, every third Friday of the month throughout the summer local businesses, artists, and food trucks come together for what is like a big party. It’s a whole lot of fun and a great way to support local places!

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Picky Girl Goes Greek

Greek Fest

Yassou!  Happy Saturday everyone!  The latest Picky Girl adventure was the Pennsylvania Greek Festival.  It was my first time attending and also my first time trying Greek food.  The atmosphere, the music, and the dancing were all fantastic!  But, on to the most important part….the food!  Of course as you probably guessed there was a lot of food there.  I didn’t get to try everything but, did get to taste some main Greek staples.  My favorites of the day were the Veggie Gyro, Spanakopita, Tiropita, and Calamari.  I was excited that they had a lot of vegetarian options for me to try!

It was fun to go Greek for the day and made me want to visit actual Greece even more!  Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Do you have any Greek food favorites?

What I did for Spring Break!

Today I am going to switch things up a bit to share with you what I did over spring break.  I had an absolutely AMAZING experience!  It is so hard to put into words just how amazing it really was!  I decided this year to go on an Alternative Spring Break trip with my church to Kentucky.  At the house that my group was assigned to we built a ramp and some new steps.

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