Smashed Sweet Potatoes and Life Update

Hi everybody! I’m back – wow, it’s been awhile! These last few months have been a little crazy – I graduated (yay!), started a new job, started therapy for my ankle (it’s finally improving – yay!), moved, and lots of other little things that have unfortunately kept me away from the blogging world 😦 But, I am happy to be back and share a new recipe that I found with you!



I had to incorporate pineapples somehow into graduation 😉


Moving day!


Now on to the food! I love sweet potatoes – I have to admit even more than a regular potato! And I have found a recipe for making sweet potatoes even more delicious than they already are. I actually made them for Thanksgiving and was looking through photos and remembered that I never posted them! Better late than never right? 😉 These sweet potatoes even turned the sweet potato haters in my family (yes I know there is such a thing!) to sweet potato lovers. I found the recipe on Cafe Delites – I used the boil method. Try it out and let me know what you think!


And can we just talk about these adorable sandals that the Easter Bunny left for me yesterday!!!!


Stayed tuned for more from the Picky Girl 🙂

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