Rock 2018 and just be…YOU!


Happy New Year everyone!! This time of year brings new beginnings, new adventures, and for a lot of folks new resolutions (or “old” resolutions in some cases!). Popular New Year’s resolutions include losing weight, eating healthier, and/or going to the gym/working out more. Often times people set unrealistic expectations for themselves and typically put a lot of pressure on themselves to get that “perfect body,” which most of the time causes frustration when these unrealistic goals aren’t met – because lets be real, is there really such a thing as the “perfect body.” These types of resolutions typically end by February and have the person saying “better luck next year!”

Well I challenge you, and myself for that matter, to have your New Year’s “resolution” be as simple as just “being YOU” – trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be and accepting yourself for who you are. This resolution can honestly be interpreted in many different ways and have a different meaning to each person. In my interpretation, this doesn’t mean drastically changing your eating and/or exercising habits in one day. When I say, “be the best version of yourself,” I mean be comfortable in your own skin, do things that make you happy, nurture your mind, body, and spirit – and most importantly make these changes for yourself and yourself only, not to make anyone else happy.

Think about it: what do you think that you can do to “be YOU” or be the best version of yourself? Is it truly, to exercise at the gym for 8 hours a day and to follow a crazy fad diet for a month?? For most, the answer to the previous question is – probably not! Some examples maybe to “be YOU” are:  writing in a journal everyday, meditation, taking a cooking class, doing something that you’ve always wanted to do, train for a marathon, eating an extra vegetable a day, trying out that fitness class you’ve always wanted to, move to a different city, take an hour walk a day, take a yoga class, etc. – it really can be anything you want! You do know “you” the best out of anyone 😉

So, I challenge all of you to “be YOU” in 2018 and do something that scares you, have a new adventure, do something to better yourself, and to accept your beautiful self just the way you are!

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and fun New Year,

The Picky Girl 🙂

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  1. ED says:

    Terrific Advice Kristen, from a older fellow who is still trying to figure out how to be ME! Boun Anno Nuovo! Baci Baci ED

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