Rose Apple Pie

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with lots of family, love, friends, laughter, and of course yummy food 🙂 Now who’s ready for Christmas? (Me!).

Now if you follow me on social media you know that I made my first ever apple pie for Thanksgiving this year and let me just tell you…it was fantastic!!!! A lot of people have been asking me about how I made it, so I thought I would share that with you today 🙂 It was a great pie for Thanksgiving, but with Christmas coming up, I think it would work for that holiday as well. Especially because it is red and makes a lovely centerpiece 😉


I mean I could be biased…but isn’t that the one of the most beautiful pies you’ve ever seen?!? And bonus – it tasted delicious too! It was a very “light” pie, so it was perfect after a big meal. I of course am not this talented on my own though. I did use a recipe that I found on Pinterest to help me out. Follow this link to get the full recipe from Comfortably Domestic.

Some tips:

-I used Gala apples to get more of the red color.
-I only cut up 5 apples and actually had more than enough to finish off my rose. But, the extra apples do make a delicious snack while cooking just FYI!
-I never used the lemon juice – I completely missed where she said to use it (still can’t find it actually), so I just skipped that.
-In her step #2, definitely make sure your apples are “easy to bend,” some of mine weren’t and she is right it does make it a lot easier to shape the rose when working with “softer” apples.
-I also left my “foil ring” around my pie crust for the entire baking time; that way it got nice and light brown and not burnt!
Disclaimer – I used store-bought pie crust, because ain’t nobody got time for that…am I right?!? Some day I would like to attempt it, but Thanksgiving was just not that day!

thanksgiving 2017

I hope that you all enjoyed this recipe! Send me pictures if you decide to try it! And stay tuned for more from the Picky Girl.

[P.S. Notice the butter turkey – it’s tradition 🙂 ]

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