North Carolina

Happy Saturday everyone! I know that I am happy that it’s the weekend! Today, I am going to share with you more of my 50 by 50 challenge. [If you forget the rules, follow this link πŸ™‚]


My next stop on my 50 by 50 challenge was North Carolina, however, technically this was the very first state I visited (but, oh well). For my North Carolina market I chose The Seaside Farm Market in Corolla, NC. I visited there earlier this summer with a few friends and had a blast. I ended up going towards the end of the week, so all I bought was a watermelon to take home (that’s all I had room for in my vehicle), but it was a pretty good watermelon! They also sell lots of other produce, wine, seafood, bakery items (that looked pretty darn good!), and many other things. I love the Outer Banks, so hopefully I will have a chance to go back soon and I will definitely do my shopping earlier in my trip (that way I’ll have more time to eat all of the yummy goodies)!



If you are looking for an awesome watermelon recipe, check out mine for Watermelon Pizza. It is to die for!

Watermelon Pizza

Stay tuned for more adventures and recipes! And I am always taking suggestions on where I should visit next πŸ™‚

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  1. Helen Galluppi says:

    Going to try today! Thanks Kristen

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