How I passed the RD Exam!


Hello everyone! So, last week something pretty exciting happened…I passed my RD exam!! Now, I am officially a Registered Dietitian and could not be happier! It took a long time and a lot of hard work, but it finally all paid off 🙂

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I know that I had a lot of questions before taking my exam, so I thought that writing this post would help all of the future RDs out there hopefully be a little less stressed about the exam. I can’t talk about my exam specifically, but I thought that I would share some tips and tricks about what helped me pass on the first time! So here they are:

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1. RELAX!!:

This is a really hard thing to do (trust me I know!), but honestly it is the most important piece of advice that I have. I got myself so stressed out before this exam! I lost 7 lbs, I had a constant stomach ache the week leading up to my exam, I couldn’t sleep, my face broke out, I almost threw up my breakfast the morning of, and I may have shed a few tears here and there. I know, I know I sound like a crazy person, but I really let myself get inside my own head until the moment I started the exam. I clicked the start button and said to myself “I got this,” took a deep breath, and away I went. I didn’t think about what the test meant, I just took it question by question, and suddenly it was over and the screen was telling me that I was a Registered Dietitian 🙂 So, just relax, you have been studying and preparing for this for about 5 years (for most people), so you’ve got this!!

2. Set up a study timeline:

You know the best way that you study. Set up a timeline for yourself and decide which information you want to cover on which day. Schedule some time for yourself too, or else your brain will start to hurt!  I work best in the morning and when I have a checklist, so that is exactly what I did. I made a list of everything I needed to cover that day and slowly checked it off, then I had “me time” and/or “family time” in the afternoons and evenings.

3. Study materials:

Jean Inman: She is amazing and totally worth the money! You receive a binder that goes over every domain in great detail and a packet of practice study questions. I highly recommend it!

Visual Veggies: It is a computer program with tons of sample RD questions. The best part about it is that it explains the thought process for each question and why the answer is the right answer. Which is nice because with other programs you may not always know why the right answer is the right one. It also keeps track of your progress as you go.

4. The Night Before:

Someone told me to go out to dinner and drink some wine (but not too much, you do have a test in the morning!) the night before my exam and that is exactly what I did. It helped me relax a little bit after a long month of studying.

5. Celebrate!!:

Celebrate, because trust me nothing is going to feel better than seeing congratulations on that screen 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 5.37.10 PM

This advice may not work for everyone and I know that everyone studies differently, so just be true to yourself (you know you best!) and study the way that you know how too. Good luck and happy studying!! 🙂


Kristen Vander Woude, RDN


I did not receive any form of compensation for my thoughts and opinions of the study programs.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Helen Galluppi says:

    Congrats Kristen!!!!

  2. Amy Skinner says:

    Congratulations!!! Looking forward to more fabulous recipes and foodie tips.

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