Pizza and Ugly Christmas Sweaters

BS Pizza

One of my favorite nights at my house is “Make your own pizza night.”  Since we have so many Brussels sprouts in my backyard we have been trying new recipes with them.  Our newest experiment was Brussels Sprout Pizza.  A few years ago I would have never tried this; I would have just stuck with my typical pepperoni pizza.  But, this time I did try something new and I thought it was great!  It was so tasty and delicious!  The pizza was also so light compared to your typical heavy pizza.  We found the recipe on Pinterest, here’s the link:

We made our own homemade pizza dough too (maybe that will be a future post!)  We also bake the dough for about 3 minutes before we put our toppings on.


BS Pizza 3

BS Pizza2

BS Pizza

BS Pizza Label

This recipe is pretty high in sodium, fat, and cholesterol so be careful if you are watching your intake of these things!  You do need to treat yourself every once in awhile and it does have a good amount of protein, potassium, and dietary fiber.  What we do in my family is we all make different pizzas and then spilt them all so you get a little taste of everything and don’t eat an entire pizza by yourself!


Also, it wouldn’t be this time of year if you didn’t go to an ugly Christmas sweater party!  I went to a neighbor’s party this weekend, here’s a picture of our group.  I won ugliest!!


I hope you enjoy the pizza as much as we did!  And Happy Holidays 🙂


(Nutrition Label made on

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  1. Susan B. says:

    It’s so impressive that this has almost 14 g. of fiber, something I look for to add to my diet. I never would have thought of brussels sprouts on pizza….maybe I will look for a pasta sauce recipe with them too. Thanks for finding this new use for brussels sprouts.

  2. Mom Shoe says:

    This looks yummy! Never thought I’d like Brussel sprouts until I tried your roasted recipe. My boys eat them before I can even take them to the table.

    This weekend I brought your marinated mushrooms to a neighborhood party. They were a big hit. Even one non-mushroom eater said they were great!

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