Pasta, Pasta, Pasta

Happy National Pasta Day!!! In honor of today I thought I would share a few facts that I have learned about one of my favorite foods!

Did you know that there are over 600 different kinds of pasta? Each of these shapes were made for a certain type of sauce. Here are some of the fun shapes that you can choose from:

Farro Ciriole – whole-grain pasta that is best with hearty meat and mushroom sauces
Fusilli Napoletani – twisted rods that are good with tomato sauce or olive oil dressing
Fettuccine – great with almost any sauce
Capricci – tight twists used for thick and chunky sauces
Chiocciole – snail-shaped pasta that is good at catching peas, small vegetables, and creamy sauces
Paccheri – large tubes that can be filled with meat or cheese
Rigatoni – works well in casseroles and with hearty, chunky sauces
Pappardelle – ribbons that can be used with both hearty and delicate sauces
Farfalle – more commonly known as bow ties and are best in vegetable pasta salads

All of this information was found in the March 2013 issue of Cooking Light or on the TV talk show The Chew.

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